Y Spears Pre-Expansion

A popular YMCA branch, the Spears Y in Greensboro decided to expand their facility with membership very much on the rise. In planning for the expansion the management asked us to help them reach out to their members to communicate the many benefits that the "new expansion" would bring. We designed & developed several print pieces to help in that quest: 2 large, detailed informational banners to tell most of the "expansion story" inside the facility, plus new t-shirts and posters would also help start the "buzz" among members. The project's goals were to keep Spears members informed and apprised on construction progress --to help with much needed patience from members during the building inconveniences that would happen. Then, after all the work was done the members could enjoy.

There is a 2nd part to this project. See the header called: Y Spears Post-Expansion