My Logos Group 1

I've done quite a few logos over my career and I've worked with different companies with varied business needs. My creative logo development starts out with lots of rough pencil options to share with the client, to get a better understanding of the market and who their customer is. Then, I work back & forth with clients to finesse, tweak and eventually finalize a logo.

Starting top row, left to right:
A. Downtown-Greensboro monthly event
B. Guide to Real Life concept for Salem/RJR Promotion
C. Red Man Fishing Game Promo
D. Downtown Roundball Basketball challenge
E. Walk for MS
F. Pleasant Door Corporation
G. Ad agency's Duke Power business pitch logo
H. Alaskan Hunting Game/Granger Select
I. YMCA-supported event logo for kids' night of basketball
J. Partnership logo for Seminar